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Exeter Scaffolding-Services is a privately owned business which has grown over these years to become the market leader in quality, service and safety in the scaffolding Business in Devon.

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Exeter Scaffold Services hires, erects, delivers, repairs and sells scaffolding products to all regions of the South West and to all trades. No project is too small for our experienced team .

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We cover Exeter and the surrounding areas for all you scaffolding needs. As far South as Exmouth right up to Barnstaple. We cover simple stages and temporary roofs to refurbishments and domestic & commercial roofing. Exeter Scaffold-Services is your one stop shop for all your scaffolding needs

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We cover all major towns and locations in Cornwall aswell as the surrounding areas. For all you scaffolding needs. Find Our Suppliers in Plymouth for Domestic and Commercial Jobs. Contact Exeter Scaffold Services for a competitive quote TODAY! You will not be disappointed.

OVERVIEW OF SCAFFOLDING Includes all fronts - and roof fans equip Tubular steel frame stands. It is a system within a type approval. We use only Scaffolding parts made ​​of galvanized steel and aluminum. Allround scaffolding: Includes all space frames such as: Industrial scaffolding or surface-oriented scaffolding under Room ceiling. Composed of galvanized Layher Allround scaffolding and In the mid-20th century, they were used in the construction of rickety scaffolding and workers feared and often refused to work at high altitudes, as no construction of multi-storey building without the risk. The work of builder when climbing It is safer and mainly thanks to modern types of scaffolds that, in terms of constructive, is a frame system, which is made of standard metal and wooden elements. TYPES AND USES OF SCAFFOLDING AND AERIAL WORK PLATFORMS The scaffold is a lattice structure provided in kind of decks. Until the late nineteenth century the structures were made of wood, with axes and rods connected to each other with ropes, nails or games of interlocking of the most famous scaffolding of history, remember the one made by Michelangelo for the construction of the dome of the Basilica St. Peter's Basilica. Today the types of scaffolds, however, are almost all made with steel or aluminum that give greater stability to the structure regardless of the weather and environmental conditions in which are carried out. The bridges, or the parties walked on scaffolding, they can be either wooden planks that in prefabricated foils of steel, and regardless of the material with which it is built the supporting structure. Out of curiosity, in Asian countries are still used, in rural areas but also of modern skyscrapers, structures lattice of bamboo.The most common types of scaffolding we use are: the scaffolding tube-joint, the fixed scaffolding prefabricated frame, the scaffolding uprights and cross prefabricated (also called multi-directional), the mobile scaffold (electric-self-lifting), the suspended scaffold on ropes, aerial platforms (cranes and spiders), and the parapets in bracket for covers. SCAFFOLDING WITH TUBE-JOINT It consists in connecting two tubes through a joint, which fixes them in the desired position. Its scalability is virtually infinite since it allows to connect pipes of different lengths, then at any distance and in any location (physically possible). This system allows its use in almost all circumstances, as it allows the adjustment of the structure for each type of front or artifact, also special shapes and irregular; It lends itself particularly for restoration for interior and exterior, for the construction, the marine industry and for the show where the structure has a value not only practical but also aesthetic. Precisely for its innumerable variables, for the assembly of such scaffolding is no need of manpower very specialized and also of processing times on average longer. FIXED SCAFFOLDING PREFABRICATED FRAME It is to connect the metal frames of standard height and depth on which you attach the boards and railings. Its rapidity and ease of assembly makes the structure more commonly used, also because the mounting times are shorter and labor does not need special skills; It is suitable particularly for the renovation of buildings and for the construction of stable on land regular and not rough. Such structures are not very versatile and often force the integration with other types of materials such as pipe and coupling with wooden planks. SCAFFOLDING PREFABRICATED STILES AND RAILS (MULTIDIRECTIONAL) It 'a type of scaffolding which is positioned halfway between the prefabricated frames and the pipe and coupling. It has excellent ductility and adaptability. Even the assembly time are inserted in an intermediate position compared to previous systems while the labor required need not necessarily be specialized (is required, however, the knowledge of its many elements), however, the purchase price is higher. MOBILE SCAFFOLD (ELECTRIC-SELF-LIFTING) This type of scaffolding is used mainly for maintenance of the tallest buildings and particularly regular; In fact, his system, which was not cheap, does not allow to avoid obstacles or pander possible irregularities of the facade. It is a platform that starting from the base of the structure, is lifted electrically sliding on two racks, at a fixed distance.

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Scaffolding Erectors and Hire In Bristol. We are probably the best Bristol Scaffolding Suppliers and can provide expert tradesmen to cover all your needs. You cannot afford to not contact us at the prices we charge. All jobs at very competitive rates. Contact us today

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